Time: 10:00 am
Location: Meglingerstr. 56
81477 München

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Worship Service Details
The International Christian Church was started because we recognised a need for an international Christian church where English and German could be spoken. Above all it was to be a church based on faith, because most people in Germany have not experience faith in a practical way. During our existence many people have experienced blessings, healing and deliverance. Their faith has been increased by seeing Christ work.
November 1997
Church started as a house group with 8 people and grew to about 15 people.
September 1998
We outgrew the house group meeting and moved to the Old Catholic Church (Alte Katholische Kirche) on Blumenstrasse, where we met each Sunday afternoon for our service. During this period of time we grew to between 30 and 40 regular attendees.
May 1999
We had to find a new location because it was no longer convenient for us to meet at the church on Blumenstrasse. Not being able to find any alternative meeting place we decided to have open-air services and met each Sunday afternoon on the bank of the Isar River, near the Tierpark (Zoo), under the Isar Bridge (Isar Brücke). Although this was a difficult time for us and we lost many people, God blessed us most Sundays with good weather and we had some great outreach opportunities.
September 1999
Winter was approaching and so the Kho family, from the Indonesian church, generously opened their home in Freimann for us to meet in. We had church each Sunday afternoon in their empty swimming pool. There was room for around 30 people and this worked as a good temporary solution.
November 1999
Another temporary solution was our move to the CVJM, where we met for two months until the end of December when we had to move out of these premise because renovation work was to begin there in January 2000.
January 2000
A longer temporary solution was found when we were able to use the Lutheran Evangelische Kirche on Balanstrasse for our Sunday afternoon services. For almost twelve months we were able to settle down, even though there was constant complain from one neighbour that our instruments and loud singing was disturbing her. We stopped using our amplifier and ensured all the windows were closed in the summer but the complaining did not cease so we moved out for a short period of almost two months and met in the disco room of a local restaurant on the Emersonstrasse, Giesing. We were invited back to meet at the Lutheran church but due to the ever increasing complain we had to finally move out after six months. We had 4 days from the time they told us to move out to find a new location for our Sunday service and a huge miracle happened, before the Sunday we had found a place to meet for worship.
August 2001 - December 2002
We moved into the Tango Dance school on Lachnerstrasse, near Rotkreuzplatz. It appeared that we had finally found a place where we could meet on a Sunday and make as much noise as we wanted without disturbing any neighbours. We could only use the premise in the morning and so this was when we had to change our afternoon service to the morning. Each Sunday we had to carry and set up all our equipments required for the service and after the service we had to pack everything back into a couple of cars and clean the building before we left. Our week-day meetings were held in people's homes. After eighteen months, due to complaints from the neighbourhood, we had to move out. Again the prayer line was busy in the heavenly direction and we experienced God's graceful provision when we found another meeting place, which another church was moving out of because they had outgrown the premise.
December 2002 - August 2004
At the end of the month we moved into our first permanent location at Kieferloherstrasse where we could meet not only on a Sunday but also during the week and we now had our own premise where we could leave all our musical equipments. We had room to seat fifty people and finally a room for the children, which was lacking at Lachnerstrasse. Another church, which was also looking for a place to worship, shared the premise with us; we met in the morning and they met in the afternoon. Whenever we had celebrations, the place became very full and we knew that a larger building was needed.
September 2004 - March 2009
We found larger premise on the Dachauerstrasse near the city centre in Munich, which was very accessible with public transport. 
This was our ninth place of worship in six years and we had seating facilities for a hundred people and enough room for the children, as well as a mother and baby room, an office and a large dining kitchen.
God provided miraculous for us, during the four and a half years at Dachauerstrasse, the landlady and her family were very generous and helpful to us in many areas of our needs.
The first Sunday in March 2009, we celebrated our last service in the Dachauerstrasse.
March 2009 - August 2010
We are the Overcomers, the church on the move, not only in the physical sense but also in the Spiritual.
After four and a half years at the location on the Dachauerstr 15a, 
we needed to again find alternative accommodation.  A cosy temporary solution for our Sunday service was found in the premises at ars musica e.V Stemmerhof on the Plinganserstrasse in Sendling.  We met there only on a Sunday morning, and during the week we met for house fellowship in private homes.   
September 2010 - August 2015
The search for permanent accommodation for the gathering of the church went on and finally after much prayers and search we found a place at Levelingstrasse 10 in the underground floor of a large attractive office block. We had a large room for our church service, an office and a room for the children's ministry.
After five years our contract was not renewed and we had to move out. 

September 2015
Following several months of strenuous and intensive search for alternative accommodation, and many disappointments, the ideal building was found in August on the Meglingerstrasse in Forstenried. This is in an industrial area, which means less problem concerning our noise level.
We have all the facilities on the basement-floor of the building. A large beautifully renovated room for our services and four smaller rooms, two of which were previously used as changing rooms with showers, and one we have converted into a kitchen. The children's ministry have the use of two rooms.  On the first-floor of the same building we have rented two office rooms.